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SANCHAYA SRIRAMKA commented on 06 Sep 2018, 05:58 PM


I have been investing in MF’s for 2 years now and want to move to coin but i have a few doubts,
1. Are the investments done through coin will be displayed in Karvy’s consolidated statement?? – it helps me alot for TAX filing.
2. Exit load that is mentioned is only when within a minimum time period units are en-cashed.
3. On sale/redemption of units of a Mutual Fund, there will be a DP charge of Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST per redemption order. – What is this i have never redeemed MF’s till now are these charges applicable only when the units are in dematerialised form or even if the units are invested with the AMC without being dematerialised??
Also if i redeem only 5 units and if i redeem 500 units the charges (Rs 5.5 (CDSL) + 18% GST) will be constant??

Thanks in Advance.
Sanchaya Sriramka

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