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Rajendra commented on 03 Sep 2018, 04:52 PM

Thanks for the initial clarification Faisal.
However, from a retail investor perspective, in terms of MFs in specific, can you help what could be transfer/ pledging related issues in non-DP mode. I have been transacting with Direct as well as Regular funds with investment, redeemption, switch, SIPs etc. – all in non-demat mode and never saw nor heard from anyone about any risk with non-demat mode. Also, as I mentioned, atleast ass on date, it is not mandated by MF industry.
So, why doesn’t Zerodha as well support both mode so the user can choose whether s/he wants Demat mode or not. Despite you making transaction free of cost, if DP charges apply on sell, for a retail investor, it is no longer free. Thats the only concern – hope you understand and will be able to clarify.

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