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Ajinkya Pawar commented on 30 Aug 2018, 01:03 PM

Great work team ZERODHA !!
I’m using kite platform regularly since 1 and half year..with this news, i recommended one of my friends to start an SIP by opening zerodha account…but there is one shortcoming !!! To get the SIP processed, we need to have a balance in zerodha account and there is no provision of auto debit in bank account. and this is not worth because usually amount of SIP should go after the monthly salary or any other income credited in bank account. Since we need to maintain balance in zerodha account, everytime i need to transfer the amount from bank to zerodha which is not convenient. we escalate this query with customer service and same reply was there that there is no provision of auto debit from bank a/c. Please correct me if i’m wrong and look into this so as to make coin more popular amongst the people.

All the best Guys !!!!!

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