Comment on Introducing All Weather Investing smallcase

R Raman commented on 30 Aug 2018, 12:45 PM

Hi Vasanth,

1) Is Smallcase Technologies 100% owned by Zerodha? I suppose the smallcase “products” are owned by smallcase and “usage leased” to Zerodha? How does this work financially between Smallcase & Zerodha?
2) Recently smallcase is also available in AxisDirect (I suppose more online brokerages may choose to join in). So, similar to above, what exactly does AxisDirect pay to Smallcase/Zerodha?
Basically I would like to know just how exactly smallcase “earns” its money. For example the flat 50Rs charges for SIP/followup-buying in the same smallcase – that goes directly to smallcase or is there sharing with Zerodha?
I don’t need very low details. Just a birds eye view of how Smallcase Tech makes its money is good enough.
Thanks in advance for any meaningful response.

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