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srinivas ganathey commented on 28 Aug 2018, 12:10 PM

I appreciate ZERODHA for breaking the barricades for investors for the first time in India and setting a new trend system,
I have an idea for to be implemented in ZERODHA COIN app & web site, we need an icon to add a comment by ourselves to our individual mutual funds to make a note
Example: I have multiple mutual funds and I forget the reasons why I brought that mutual fund and the purpose, so Sir, if you advice your IT team to add a provision for comments for each and every mutual fund it would be very helpful for common man to remember the purpose of buying MF, in some case we need to split number of units into multiple parts saying part 1 is for my first son, part 2 is for my second son like that. I hope this would be considered as a valid point.

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