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G S commented on 25 Aug 2018, 05:48 PM

Hi @Faisal @Nithin
Thanks for your reply.

1. I am not asking for live tracking of the funds, the monthly disclosures data of mutual funds on coin would be fine, as it would be easy to go through the data quickly rather than going on thru searching emails. So many emails come every day so it is not easy to keep track of them on emails.

3. As you said that you don’t offer advisory services but I checked the coin mobile app, there you have categories like best of equity funds / hybrid funds / debt funds etc. So why you are giving those details on mobile app. I just fail to understand that logic of yours.

I am not asking for zerodha advisory services, rather funds should be highlighted as per their performance so it is easily identifiable which mutual funds are performing well or have a good track record of performing.

For almost all the things if I have to go and check with AMCs then what is the point of having coin platform and why zerodha is wasting it’s resources on it.

Suppose a new investor enrolls with Coin then how will he know in which mutual fund to invest in the absence of data. All he will see a long list of various mutual funds but he won’t be able to make a wise decision.

But as per my thinking removing this small fee won’t make any big difference to the growth of Coin platform. If there is no substance in the product (Coin platform) then how will it perform ?

Rest you all are wise people and know much better.

My Best wishes
Take Care

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