Comment on Coin is now completely free!

Robin commented on 25 Aug 2018, 05:06 PM

Finally Coin in back into the competition. Now Coin has also joined the group of free direct fund platforms (many here still thinks other free platforms are just for regular funds). I wish it was done a bit earlier than others. So, that many might not have taken the other platform option.
More obvious features still need to be improves such as STP, SWP, direct debit from bank. Capital gain statements for equity (now in console I know) and for debt funds after indexing. Tracking and capital gain statement for funds in and outside Coin to reduce the hassle for people who want to move to Coin. Easy shifting to coin, tracking the returns for portfolio even for sold units for consolidated view of yearly returns, portfolio composition, etc. Lot of scope to improve and compete with this market.
Its a welcome move and would be one of the preferred platforms.

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