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Arun Kiran Patro commented on 25 Aug 2018, 12:49 PM

I used coin and moved to MFUonline as it was paperless way of opening account.
There are few problems with using coin
1) money has to move to trading account balance, i prefer direct debit from my bank using ecs.
2) while redemption money comes to trading account n then i have to manually move to my bank account. I prefer direct credit to my balance account.
3) capital gain statement is not provided by coin. since holdings are kept in demat account AMC doesn’t provide capital gain statement.
4) i prefer systematic transfer from liquid funds to equity funds. This isn’t supported yet. It will also attract demat charges.
5)I didn’t like idea of keeping mf schemes in demat account as demat charges are applied on redemption.

If above issues are resolved then i will prefer coin. Till then i will use mfuonline which also allows direct mfs.

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