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Vishal commented on 24 Aug 2018, 04:53 PM

Just a week ago, I sell all the Mutual Funds from COIN and shifted to other platform (Direct MF Only) just because of 50 Rs Fee. And now it is FREEEEEEE .. 🙂 Great News
No other MF platform is as user friendly and well designed as COIN. Just see that COIN shows number of days your amount is invested in a easy way. No other platform shows it.
The only advantage of other platforms is that you can transferred MF from one platform to another if they started charging fees for investment in direct MF.
If COIN started charging money in future, then it is very hard to Transferred from COIN to another platform because MF with COIN are in DEMAT Form.

Still, so far, I have not found anything better than COIN…

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