Comment on We are now the 3rd largest stock broker in India

Kankalina commented on 22 Aug 2018, 02:12 AM

Is Zerodha as customer-centric and responsive as it was in its early days? Say around 2015? I would like to think so, I certainly hope so, but I am getting the wrong vibes. I started learning trading back then and after extensive research, locked in on Zerodha. I had to stop trading shortly afterwards to address some of “life’s responsibilities”. Now I am finally free to start again, and so I tried accessing my account, which – and no surprises here – doesn’t work. Likely dormant. Raised a ticket for assistance (#20180816374657), followed up, but no response. Now this was unexpected – very unlike the Zerodha I knew. The price of scaling up, maybe … ?! Guess I need to visit their offices to sort it out.

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