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Satish Kasaraneni commented on 21 Aug 2018, 05:01 PM

I am managing 3 zerodha accounts, myself other 2 familly accounts. Whenever i logged in to one account in browser, if i opened second browser tab on kite , automatically old session is picking up and not able to monitor more than account at a time. Is there any option to see all three zerodha account at time in Dash board if the account holder agreed the option. For example I used to manage Franklin Templeton Funds at a time i can see or modify the three persons funds. There is option at Franklin temple ton, need to take approval from other 2 members.
The current Zerodha session is holding the entire chrome browser session, every time we used to logoff and login to switch accounts. if you need more information call back my back number and get back to all the queries. We are group of people used to manage multiple family accounts all are facing same issue. Pleasee figure out the solution.


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