Comment on Introducing Sensibull -- the Options Trading Platform

A K Prasad commented on 17 Aug 2018, 08:30 PM


Used the Sensibull for the first time today. Very good tool for options trading.
Some comments / suggestions from my side :
1. There is considerable time delay for orders placed in Sensibull to be transmitted to Kite. Maybe different servers or whatever – you could look into this
2. For strategies involving selling options in one or more legs, total margin requirement is not available. Or, may be I am missing it – is the Capital required column showing the margin requirement ?
3. Charts of only the underlying seems available. In the options chain, you could add button for charts of options at various strike price. Becomes bothersome to switch to Kite to look at options chart of a strike price.
4. Waiting eagerly for strategies on single stocks and payoff diagrams. When is it due?
Thanks again for this tool for options trading. Keep it up and keep such innovations coming….

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