Comment on Introducing Sensibull -- the Options Trading Platform

Khushboo commented on 16 Aug 2018, 05:26 PM

You made life easy :-). My existing strategies got pulled into sensibull display and shows greeks. I have been doing all this stuff in xls and HTML utilities just for personal use which is time consuming. You made it everything on just click of mouse button. Few things which I see missing and could be useful for trader.
1) Open Interest Vs Price movement chart for series (I plot it using google charts) which can give me at what all price buyers and sellers are getting active.
2) Dashboard view of selected strategies with all important greeks, if I am only treading in 3 types of strategies and not interested in other 200 strategies being populated. If user can do that it will be plus.
3) Filtering options with low volatility.
4) Premium movement Vs Time decay graph for straddle and strangle strategies.

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