Comment on Kite Connect APIs for programmatic access

Rahul Nagare commented on 14 Aug 2018, 04:26 PM


I am willing to buy the kite connect API.
I could not find a place where I can ask the question since even after signing up on I was unable to ask question there.
My question is:

If in intraday, i buy/sell stocks of 4 different scripts (say: VEDL, LT, SBIN, SRF). I want to quit all the positions at once when summation of all the stocks is my target stoploss or target which will be a predefined value. Eg: If I take the positions around 10 am and at 11.30 am I am in overall Rs. 1000 profit then exactly at that time when overall profit touches the predefined mark in this case of Rs. 1000 all the positions should be exited.

Is this possible with Kite connect. If you want to ask any further query please feel free to reach out. Waiting for reply.


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