Comment on Taxation Simplified

Rahul commented on 14 Aug 2018, 12:57 AM

Dear Nithin,
The above case seems to be serious. Is the problem resolved to Mr.Prakash? or still he is struggling to get his money back?? We all are here in ur network because of ur innovated and simplified way of trading platform.
If customers are facing such a problem it really makes us (personally to myself) insecure in money transfers with ur platform.
And the second thing is logging off automatically, I also do intraday sometimes with some huge margins and it also happens to me that the kite used to log of automatically, but fortunately not when i do intraday.
In fact this bug happened to me today too. Please resolve the bug else I will also lose some bucks one day.
Matter very serious!

Awaiting for ur reply.

Best regards,

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