Comment on Introducing Sentinel

Praveen Suvarna commented on 12 Aug 2018, 11:13 PM

Hello Nithin,
Sentinel is another great feature indeed from Zerodha.. Great going.. Keep them coming.. However, please consider the following ..
– The alerts set are fired during pre-market, which is not what one desires. Or maybe u can provide an option in case it is to fire in pre-market so users can decide.
– Currently, we get a message stating that the xxx named trigger has been activated at ttt time. Could u please consider also intimating the details which were set in the trigger.. ie to include the attributes and or operators that were set and levels.
– Facility to view / export all the triggers on one page; both those active and those that have since triggered giving the trigger details. This will help in easily managing the triggers instead of opening each one and reviewing them. The total calls on ur servers also may reduce.
Thanx and bst rgds,

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