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Himankar commented on 03 Aug 2018, 07:45 PM


I am planning to start investing in MF. Can u please clarify the following –

1) Whether all MFs are having direct mode of investment ?
2) Whether all MFs allow SIP / Lumpsum in direct mode ?
3) Do I have to maintain DMAT A/c with you ? if yes, what are the different charges under different heads for DMAT a/c ?
4) Can I link my existing DMAT a/c, held with other organization, with my COIN subscription A/c ? If yes, What is the process ? and Whether the debit / credit to DMAT a/c is automatic ?
5) Can I trade my MF units in share market through your platform ? if yes, what are the charges under different heads ?
6) Other than holding charge for the COIN subscription A/c [ i.e. Rs. 50/month after crossing Rs. 25000 for non ELSS MFs ] irrespective of the total MF units & total value, do you charge for anything else like buying or redemption of MF units etc. ?
7) For regular MF option expenses ratio cover the fund and advisor expenses and NAV is adjusted accordingly. For direct MF option also expenses ratio is there which covers fund expenses and NAV is adjusted accordingly, plus additionally I have to incur your COIN subscription charge of Rs. 50/month i.e. Rs. 600 p.a. Can you give short examples for break even point where investment through COIN is advantageous.

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