Comment on ZT-View Holdings

XN8201 commented on 30 Jul 2018, 11:22 PM

Hi There,

When I am logging to Kite Zerodha on my laptop or on my mobile app/browser, I am able to see the rates of securities I had added/shortlisted on left side of screen. However, when I login from my office, I am only able to see the securities added/shortlisted on the 5 tabs provided and not the rates. Also, not able to see the market depth of added securities. I am sure, it has to do with system setting at my office, (and no fault at Zerodha systems), but would highly appreciate if you can help in this regard. Zerodha is not blocked at my office, that’s the reason I am able to make a login. Also, I can see the position of my intraday holding but there also can’t see anything when i select the market depth option. Request you to provide the preferential system setting pls. I called your office and given Bangalore landline number as well today but they said they could not transfer the line to technical section.

I am making loss because of this. Please assist at earliest. Will be highly thankful.

Under name option, I had shared my actual login ID, however, would request to maintain anonymity of my name.


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