Comment on Free ELSS investments on Coin

Abhinav commented on 30 Jul 2018, 03:42 PM

Glad to know that the Coin’s subscription charges for ELSS funds have been waived off.. Its a good initiative, which will encourage a lot of people to invest in ELSS funds.

I have only ELSS investments with Coin as of now.. So I am waived off the subscription charges. I am planning to invest in non ELSS funds in the future. So how will I be charged for this? Does the 1st Rs25000 investment be waived off the subscription charge? or will I be charged from the first rupee of investment in non ELSS funds.

I have another query.. As of now, I am subscribed with Coin & I have only ELSS investments. Do I need to unsubscribe or the charges are automatically waived off? and what happens if I dont unsubscribe?

Thanks in advance !!

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