Comment on Introducing Zerodha's New Support Portal

Paresh R Kapadia commented on 27 Jul 2018, 01:02 PM

Further to my comment above, I just called to inquire about the status of my support ticket because neither have I received a phone call (considering it’s URGENT!) nor have I received any email messages showing status of my request. All the poor slob at Helpdesk could tell me that no ‘live’ human being is available to talk to me, that they are working on it and hope to resolve by 2pm. And what if it is NOT resolved, I asked. All he could say was call the helpline number again! It’s been 3 days since the ticket was raised. Lessons to learn from this are:
(1) If you sign up for no frills brokerage, this is what one ends up with!
(2) Reliance on technology which is not fully matured or still evolving has its unintended consequences.
(3) Even in trading software Kite, I have had stoplosses which were rs.15 above current price gone in a microsecond (stock was DRL). The huge price move was not shown on any Zerodha chart or on Google or any other chart I checked. Even NSE didn’t record it as day’s high. The prices/charts only got updated at the EOD. Raising a query with SEBI is like dealing with a dumbass government dept. that only wants you to fill out forms and stuff. Then they forward your complaint to the brokerage house. What if it is the exchange that is at fault? How many places can one file a complaint? Zerodha standard reply was that not all price points can be shown and a valid response at least. So in all likelihood someone at NSE could be playing with our stoplosses but us hapless clients have no recourse. All the more reason to stay away from costly futures.
(4) If slightly higher brokerage is deterring one to enter the stock market then our trading plan is not correct. Time to seriously rethink your trading strategies. Better stick to delivery based trading only.
Good luck to all and God bless.

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