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CV commented on 26 Jul 2018, 01:55 PM

Indeed Zerodha has been a pioneer to provide tech based deep discount trading services. I have actively traded on Zerodha over 9 months and I find the overall experience as good except one thing. That is, Pi.

The pi trading app is very bad. Infact, to say very bad is like giving it a compliment. I would say, its totally crap because:

1) It hangs every 10 to 20 min and then it has to be restarted, leading to time waste and inconvenience. I am using latest pc and high speed internet connection, so as to rule out the possibility of my pc or internet being the reason for hanging of pi.

2) On papers, it supports 5 market watch tabs upto 250 scrips, but in reality, more than one market watch and with over 50 scrips, the market watch doesn’t work properly at all. When it is started, it shows incorrect data in the form of NA and zeros against many scrips of the market watch. Every time I have to manually load the market watch from the saved work space, again leading to time waste and inconvenience. And then it hangs after some time and leaves me furious and disappointed.

3) The above 2 issues have been coming from last 6 to 7 months. Before the pi update of Nov/Dec 2017, it used to work all right. It used to hang once in a while and that was acceptable. But after the Nov/ Dec update of pi, pi became bad and it would hang every 1 to 2 hrs. But after the recent pi update last month, pi has become become total crap, because it now hangs every 10 to 20 min. The issue of incorrect market watch data as mentioned in point 2 above, has been as bad in the recent update as it was after the earlier pi update of Nov/Dec.

4) Zerodha overall support is good but the technical support is pathetic. I have escalated my trouble with pi many times over tel /email / web complaint along with many screenshots of the trouble but they are not able to solve the issue. They connected to my pc remotely, checked all the settings, configured the pi themselves remotely etc etc but still the problem could not be fixed. I think they employ very low skilled tech ppl who cant think of any solution beyond …..”clear the cache and reinstall pi and it will work fine”.

I don’t know if any senior management personnel of zerodha gets to read my post and if he does, I hope he will do something to fix the issue of pathetic pi.

Thanks and regards,

Chauhan V

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