Comment on Introducing Zerodha's New Support Portal

Paresh R Kapadia commented on 26 Jul 2018, 01:54 PM

This great reliance on technology at the exclusion of human interface even in crucial area of support can backfire at times. I can understand that FAQs and Automated Help can take care of “routine” queries but my experience shows where Zerodha has failed in its duties to take care of its clients online.
I transferred shares from another brokerage house to Zerodha in Nov 2017. This included shares that were bought many years ago in the other brokerage. I then updated manually the buy date and price via discrepant share entry. These shares were sold in March 2018 through my Zerodha account.
But the transaction is not reflected as Long Term Capital gain/loss as it should be from its purchase and sale dates in my Tax P&L report. It’s been more than 48 hours since I raised multiple tickets about it with the words URGENT as I need it to finish my tax return but to deaf ears.
When I called helpline number, the person could only ask me to raise a support ticket after listening to my explanation as written above. So either by calling or raising a ticket no human being can help me with my problem. In my conversations couple of times, they have admitted problems with your backoffice software and promised that it is being updated “soon” but that “soon” has still not come after several months.
Sorry to put a spoke in your wheel but it’s time to stop all this self-congratulatory business with superduper technology if it cannot provide the required help to clients as and when needed, and in the timeframe required.

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