Comment on Introducing Zerodha's New Support Portal

Karthik commented on 21 Jul 2018, 08:02 PM


I really thought a lot before opening a HUF account in zerodha and then I had faced so many issues while opening as well. Hardly anyone in zerodha is trained to handle HUF account opening. All possible mis-information is provided and then so many follow-ups to know the status. Now I tried to activate F&O trading in the same account, and yet again the same problem. And learning from past experience i thought it is better to visit your office and do all the required formalities and 2 hours after reaching home (travelling 12kms in Bangalore) i get a mail that my application is rejected as I was misinformed. And i have to go through all the same hassle just so that i can trade in my account.

Now i should seriously reconsider my option to move to either Upstox or tradejini.

Just for your information, i had got at least 3 more accounts as i referred my colleagues.

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