Comment on ZT-View Holdings

yogesh commented on 21 Jul 2018, 03:49 PM


On 18th of July I had bought two shares and was put on sell but it did’t sold as market was closed.
On next day till 19th of July, It was shown in HOLDINGS of PORTFOLIO of back office.
Now on 20th of July onward it is neither showing in HOLDINGS of Kite Dashboard nor in HOLDINGS of PORTFOLIO.

Where it gone actually ?
Where I can see it, How can I sell them now ?

Also, I am having two questions.

1: Can I buy share using CNS as type for next day trading?
Ex: I want to buy shares today and sell on tomorrow?

2: If I bought shares today and put it for sell, But not managed to sell today, Then where it will go ? and When I can sell It?

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