Comment on Quant - Contract wise

Abhijay Khanna commented on 21 Jul 2018, 10:25 AM

Dear Mr Nothing Kamath,

First of congratulations for being 2nd biggest broker in India, by turover and for developing such a wonderful trading plateform with minimal costs (though can be reduced a bit more to compete with 5paisa).

I would love to have a feature of ‘User notes” in your app which will help every user to maintain his trading notes in the app itself or on the phone but accessible through app page. It will be very handy. Ever trader needs to maintain some notes and it’s not user friendly to look for notes in diaries or in other apps. If you develop this, it will be an instant hit and a USP of your app.

Hope I’m able to convey my point. I’m available for further discussions if required.


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