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Streak commented on 20 Jul 2018, 02:02 PM

Hi Dipak,

1. VWAP offset helps you compare current VAWP values with older values. Offset of -1 lets you access previous candle VWAP
2. PREV N VOL indicators refers to previous N candle volume, and it lets you access volume trades in past candle of varying candle types.
3. PREV N allows to do exactly same as above but with OHCL prices of the candle.
4. Volume indicator lets you access number of stocks traded for the lastest formed candle based on the candle interval.
5. You can achive it easily by entering the following:
– Add the scrip and select 1min candle interval
– Select Buy/Sell and enter the total units quantity (units*lot size)
– In Entry condition, type = ‘At price’ and select it, and in options enter the price at which you want to enter, in this case 27000, select the range at which you want to get notified, say 0.04, then you will get notified when you get price comes in the range of 26989.2 and 27010.8.
– Enter Take profit as 0.37 and stop loss as 0.37 percentages respectively which comes approx to 27100 for target and 26900 for stop loss.

Then you can run backtest and deploy.
When the price comes in the desired range you will get notified and you can either place a direct market order by clicking on the notification or place a limit order by going into kite.

Hope this helps.

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