Comment on Presenting smallcase 2.0

Shirin commented on 19 Jul 2018, 01:03 PM


Thank you for the revamped version of new smallcase. It’s indeed a good improvement especially the inclusion of CAGR and Risk Level data. However, I see some shortcomings of smallcases as follows.

a) smallcases are lacking to provide data on market-cap allocation just like sector allocation
b) no filters given to display top performing smallcases of the day and week
c) smallcases miss to display a graphical presentation of Index Value since inception
d) lacking customized alerts if and when my existing smallcases investment moved up/down by a given percent
e) lacking customized alerts if and when existing watchlist smallcases moved up/down by a given percent

It maybe a good idea include the following

a) smallcases may also include period of worst and best performances in a month, quarter and year
b) market mood index and Nifty index maybe shown right at the top of the smallcase website

Hoping to see these improvements in very soon.


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