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Prabir Sahoo commented on 18 Jul 2018, 03:33 PM


We know that normally NSE send both SMS and email alerts for each and every trade. I have received both SMS and email alerts from NSE for my all trades before one month. Now I am receiving only SMS from NSE but no email. I want to get email alerts from NSE. I asked NSE and they replied me that broker is responsible to maintain all the information of their clients uploaded on NSE database so that their clients will receive both SMS and email alerts from NSE for their trades.
I wrote on Zerodha support (#20180717239917). But Sangeetha P (one member of Zerodha team) replied me:

Dear Ps Infoweb,

Thank you for writing to Zerodha.
Kindly note only SMS you will receive from exchange, Further contract note and margin statement you will receive in mail from our end.
Please get in touch with us if you need any other information through our Support Portal or by calling us on 080-40402020
Team Zerodha
Sangeetha P

Sir, please solve the problem so that I wiil receive both SMS and email alerts from NSE and BSE for my trades.
Thank you,
Prabir Sahoo

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