Comment on Zerodha Trader - Brief

Manoj commented on 17 Jul 2018, 12:02 AM


Zerodha notified me that a new version of NESTTrader was release on July 14 2018, version 3.16 and all older versions were deprecated. Upgraded to the new version. When I run NESTTrader.exe, I get an error message – ‘The procedure entry point WakeConditionVariable could not be located in Kernel32.dll’. I checked, this system function is available in kernel32.dll version 6.0 upwards, which is in Windows 7.

I am running Windows XP Service Pack 3. My laptop is very old and cannot handle Windows 7. Please provide a backward compatible version of NESTTrader for Windows XP. You just cant discontinue a platform with prior notification to your users. This is just not fare.

Please help. Thanks.
Best Regards.


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