Comment on Zerodha wins the Emerging Equity Broking House - BSE-D&B award

S Sinha commented on 07 Nov 2014, 09:16 PM

Looks like other brokerage houses are also reducing their commissions inorder to attract retail investors. IIFL is offering Rs 9.99 as brokerage fees . Since IIFL has a better trading platform (both desktop and mobile) compared to Zerodha, it’s high time Zerodha did something to improve the user experience. Although the launch of Pi is awaited and I have high hopes that it will be a unique experience using it. But I’m deeply disappointed with the terrible mobile app which makes it virtually unusable. So at present, unless one is using the desktop platform, there is no other way to trade in the market considering the poor usability of HTML and mobile platform.

I do hope that Zerodha starts taking these issues seriously and comes out with better web and mobile applications so that more users can trade actively. Besides We are still waiting for the launch of “pi”. It’s sad that it has been delayed for so long.

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