Comment on Zerodha Trader - Installation

Hanan commented on 07 Nov 2014, 08:03 PM

The new version of Zerodha Trader is miles ahead of the older version. The new version is much more stable, is lighter, and also has bracket orders as an additional way to place highly leveraged orders. My answers to your questions are:

1. If ZT crashes every 30 minutes, you need to check if you’re using any other program on your computer which is resource hungry. Note that ZT uses a lot of resources and it’s best to have a clean system to work fast and efficiently.

2. If your charts are flickering, it means that you do not have the right version of Nest Plus. Check out this bulletin to learn how to update.

3. If you still haven’t gotten fractal bands, the issue is quite simple: You don’t have the latest version of Nest Plus or you’re not registered as a Zerodha client. Again, to find out if you’re registered as a Zerodha client, do the following:
a. Go to Nest Plus* > My Nest Plus Account > Plus Dashboard on Zerodha Trader
b. On Plus Dashboard, check if the ID on the top status bar is your client ID… If yes, quickly send us an email to get you enabled on Pulse. If no, then choose the Logout/Login option on My Nest Plus Account.
c. Login with CLIENTID and password CLIENTID or you can try ZERODHA_CLIENTID and ZERODHA_CLIENTID
d. If this is difficult, call us for help.

4. Once you’re enabled the right way, everything will work as it used to. 🙂

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