Comment on Introducing Streak - Algo trade without coding

Jayakumar commented on 12 Jul 2018, 06:45 PM

Congrats to continued innovation in zerodha products. I would like to give my views on Zerodha streak with pros and cons.
1) Data accuracy
2) Simple & Elegant user interface
3) Backtesting
4) Continuous Monitoring as Deployment


1) Multiple time frame analysis not there ( need within single algo)
Eg: With Daily trend in visual uptrend, we can play long with minor frame say 30 mins or 15 mins in the same direction of daily trend or vice versa (Long in 30 mins close above Super trend when daily close above super trend)

2) Arithmetic operations, max, min and many more functions not available
Eg: a) How to find full gap up/down stocks with % change?
Today’s close 2% up than Yesterday close with today’s open greater than yesterday high
b) Stocks trading in narrow range for say 10 days with high & low within 5% of median

3) Higher than with equal and Lower than with equal logic not available

4) 5 algo conditions is very less for a good algo
Eg: a) minimum condions meeting volume, higher high and higher low for consecutive three days, moving average or super trend crossover needs more than 5 conditions
b) Stocks closing above 50 day high, 100 day high or new 52 weeks high

5) Most of Basic candlestick reversal pattern not available

6) Poor Editability in already created algo
Eg: Indicators or close /open or other parameters can’t be edited in previously created Algo conditions. You have to delete the conditions and redoing again is frustrating.

In my view, Algos works in three ways Screening, Execution and Monitoring. Screening is most important of all three comparatively. Zerodha Streak algo screening is still primitive i believe. Finding entry with meeting conditions is tedious one and is very important. ZERODHA STREAK LACKS THIS.

Above said needed functions are available in other screeners in market. They may be passive in nature, but they have good functions/operations to get the conditions met to give alerts and they are affordable.

And more over Sentinel can be incorporated into Zerodha streak.

Zerodha streak can be unique but it has to blend the best in their systems to keep thriving.

All the Best

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