Comment on Open Interest, MaxPain & Put Call Ratio(PCR)

Harshit commented on 11 Jul 2018, 12:16 PM

i understand what you try to explain above…but being small trader how i can decide which strike to buy either put or call side and when to buy because in nifty there is gap of 50 point in each strike and 100 point in banknifty strikes.
if the market is between in these point gap when to buy and which side should be select for small trader please explain..
2- suppose market at 10970 and max o.i created at 11000 call i assume market will revers from that point so i bought slightly otm put of strike 10900pe @80rs ..and within few minutes market spot and future both crosses 11000 what to do hold position or exits ?????but still max o.i in long side shown on 11000ce..
3- how to utilize data shown in change in open interest …and what to assume when it is in negative in option chain shown on nseindia..
4-last but not least one how to utilize in the money strike open interest during trading…and in taking buying or sell decision,….
i hope soon you will clear my query’s ….

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