Comment on Say hello to the new Coin app

Bhuvanesh commented on 19 Jun 2018, 06:57 PM

1) This is quite complicated. Assume that you hold a derivatives position and there is a sudden movement in the markets, the margin requirement changes in a split second. It’s not practical to have these limits. We are very close to integrating E-mandate and that takes care of this request.
2) It’s a choice right, you can still do it only through the Coin app and not login to Kite.
3) The Rs.50 is the subscription fee for Coin. There is a cost involved in maintaining the platform. Hmmm, Kite just shows the basic P&L and nothing else. We have added XIRR in the Coin app which is the right way to track the performance of your MF investments. We’ll soon have other analytics in the app.
4) I believe the same answer as above applies. They are meant to be different, Kite is a trading platform only.

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