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Vinit commented on 16 Jun 2018, 03:01 PM

Dear Nitin ji, Matti ji, Saleesh ji,
I’ve MF in Demat form in another company. How may I transfer that in Coin?

I had also had word from Saleesh ji, that Q will be updated. I’ve transferred my entire stock from another Demat to Zerodha, but average price and PnL report are not correct. Plus manual error from my side as not rectified since more than 6 months.

I’ve two choices, switch entire Zerodha to other account, as I’ll already get correct PnL and services or switch my 3rd Demat into Zerodha, if Zerodha provides better service.

I like your model, plus it’s pocket friendly. But if it’s without service, it turns difficult.

I’m fed up of multiple accounts. I’ve turned from 4 accounts to 3 now, and next is from 3 to 2.

Help me make a choice.

Vinit Kothari

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