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Akarsh commented on 16 Jun 2018, 01:30 AM


Few things I picked from above comments. Please comment.

‘Can we block some fund for SIP so that regular trading will not consume money from this fund. Like MF balance, Trading balance etc’
– by user.

1. Would this not be a useful feature?

‘We’ll allow users to monitor their investments on Coin (here talking about MF tab in Kite app), just not add features required to do anything else’
– by Matti.

2. Doesn’t this take away bulk of Coin app’s powers?
I mean most (maybe) of us, would apply for MF, would only want to monitor MF, & be done with it. (Think small investors). Not to mention that funding of coin occurs through kite only (as of now). Since basic life cycle of MF is covered in Kite app itself, doesn’t this take away bulk (not all) of coin’s powers?

3. Why is the Rs. 50 + 18% GST charged? To keep the kite app running?
If one were to not opt for the app and use the coin website instead then wouldn’t this charge become meaningless? (I don’t mind paying. Just a Query.)

‘Also, as Nithin has said in the posts, we’ll also soon have e-mandates that will allow SIP instalments to be directly debited from the bank account’
– by Matti.

4. Wouldn’t this make Coin more independant? Then why keep the MF tab in Kite app?

Wouldn’t it be better if these two were completely seperate apps?
I mean there are people who only want to invest not trade. I even tried to get my mother to invest but in the end she told me that if it was only MFs then she would, but, one would also have to take care of the trading account, on top of that pay AMCs for not using the trading account.



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