Comment on Say hello to the new Coin app

Abhi commented on 13 Jun 2018, 04:57 PM

@nithin, @Matti,

This is certainly a welcome move. Thanks!

Would be great if you can clarify the following:

1. Just wanted to know if an investor can open a “coin” only account with Zerodha? (Would be ideal for people like my parents who would like to invest in MFs only.). With the coin app, everything else is sorted for direct MF equity investments!

2. The demat charges applicable for redemption of mutual fund holdings from coin seems to be Rs.6.49/- per redemption. Is this charge applicable for partial redemption also? Frankly I was surprised at the levy of this redemption charge despite the monthly coin fee of Rs.50/- plus taxes. Nevertheless, please clarify if this is applicable for partial redemption too and see if you can waive this entirely as systematic withdrawal of funds would become less lucrative if partial redemption is charged.

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