Comment on Managing your Script

kapil sharma commented on 10 Jun 2018, 09:33 AM

Can any one please let me know
1) Using EA, which signal will be produced first, a buy or a sell ?
2) Assuming the first signal is buy & I executed the order, what will be the the next signal, will it be sell ? or it can be any ?
3) If answer is any then what is the maximum limit to produce back to back buy signals provided that all the signals are being executed, apart from the margins required.
How the exit strategy can be automated in this case.
4) If answer of the query # 1) is “any” then
Writing an EA for buy & its exit condition AND a separate EA for sell & its exit condition, can there be a case where first signal is generated based upon the exit condition without having the actual trade in place. How that can be handled, do I have access to the last trade/order executed using the EA ?

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