Comment on Account Opening Documentation & Charges

Jaikrishnan commented on 31 May 2018, 04:04 PM


When stocks leave Demat account, for each stock, you are applying DP charges at zerodha. Agree, this is norm across all brokerage if you choose the basic demat plan. But other brokers also offer different plan options where in you can pay higher fee( instead of 250, we end up paying 1500), but no DP charges for every stock that moves out of Demat holdings. Unlimited delivery and sell, without any DP charges.

Consider my case here at zerodha. I take delivery and sell on weekly basis on and average 20 stocks. imagine my DP charges alone rise upto 20000 per annum which is ridiculous to stomach.

I urge you to open up other plans to your customers as well similar to the different options provided by other brokers. I hold account with motilal oswal, and i am on 1500 per year annual maintenance plan for demat, there is no DP charge for each transaction.
I am eagerly waiting for your reply on this.

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