Comment on Quant - Flashback

ARPAN commented on 30 May 2018, 11:29 AM

I want to tell you about the problem that i am facing in kite after getting latest update, regarding this i have sent an email also. the problem is related with the time frame, for an example if i am checking stocks in 1 hour time frame and than i change it to daily time frame but when i refresh the chart it automatically change to 1 hour time frame again, than again i have to set it for daily time frame and refresh again for checking whether it has fixed or not, every-time for every stock i have to do this process again and again, most of the time when i change the time frame but the chart looks same, than refresh the chart to make sure it has been changed.

so overall it was really frustrating, that previous version was 100 times better than this. so if its possible to use last version, kindly share the link. or make the same changes in chart section that were using in previous version.


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