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Jai Singh commented on 29 May 2018, 10:04 PM


I’m using Zerodha since last 6 months and I’m facing few issues with your technical charts and I’m listing them here for your reference.

1. If we open 2 or 4 charts window in Google Chrome or Firefox it doesn’t display the toolbars for charting options i.e. minutes options, views, displays, studies etc. These option only work in Internet Explorer. Is it possible that you make changes in your software and these options start working in Google Chrome and Firefox as well.

2. Although the above mentioned options work in Internet Explorer but when I want to add some trend line or any other drawing tools in chart it doesn’t allow me to do that because the moment I take my cursor on chart area, it start showing the studies which I’ve added to my charts and it highlights the area infront of those studies and thus my cursor won’t allow me to add trend lines etc. For e.g if some moving averages are included in my chart and I start to draw a trend line it shows the moving average row in chart area and that area gets highlighted.

3. I’ve noticed it numerous times that (in Zerodha Web Kite portal) some candles does not show the entire price action covered by the candle in live charts and once I change it 2-3 times to different time frames than it shows the full price action area covered by it (I’m not talking about gap down and gap up opening). This problem is not there in your PI software.

4. Another issue which I face is that sometimes your chart stops refreshing and then I’ve to refresh them by pressing the refresh option provided in charting software. I wonder why sometime auto refresh option work and another time it won’t.

5. Last issue which I want to highlight is that when I open a technical chart at market open i.e. at 9:15 am and if the chart is set for 3 minute or higher time frames then candles don’t start forming in these times frames instead charts start moving forward with dots. To avoid this I’ve to first open the chart in 1 minute time frame and after 2-3 minutes I change it to the desired time frame.

I hope these issues are not faced by me alone and further I would like to apprise you that I don’t have connectivity issues and thus you can’t attribute it to my net connection.

Looking forward to the eagerness of your technical team to resolve these issues on priority basis. I hope you’ll not ask me to raise these issues with your support team and if it is to be raised with your support team then I would appreciate if you could directly forward these issues to your support team and it will be taken more seriously if you forward it to your support team.

Jai Singh

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