Comment on Introducing Sentinel

Kishor Chaudhari commented on 28 May 2018, 11:37 PM

Its a *Sheer Greed shown by Zerodha* every now and then when they launch any new Enhancement /Features to their trading platform
Sentinel – 160 rs pm with no Good till cancel order, No sms alert .No sound alert ,No weekly OHLC attributes ,NO Monthly OHLC attributes , most other brokers offering it for free, i do understand moving it on cloud would have price tag to it but looking at zerodha user base of over 0.6 million. does 160 rs pm price tag is justified?
Coin – 50 rs pm with No SWP/STP and No Real SIP mode , No Goal based SIP 50 rs pm is it justified ? MFU,CAMs,KARVY offer it for free
Screener.Smallcase – 100rs pm whereas is free with almost same facility Screener do have some additional feature but again with user base of over 0.6 million. does 100rs pm price tag is justified?
smallcase – 100 rs per smallcase and 200rs for some select smallcases is it not greed shown by zerodha
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