Comment on Lot sizes reduced for various NSE F&O Contracts

arunshankar.n commented on 04 Nov 2014, 06:18 PM

Dear Sir,

I am from Chennai and new to options market and i have been trading it only for the past two months.

I have been charged around 100 rs per lot for buying and again the same amt for selling. Now after this lot quantity change,I will be charged twice of this.

I cud understand Zerodha is something different in this concept. But Could you please explain this with my own example.

For Ex. I have bought 1 lot of Nifty put 8250 @ 60 rs (without adding brokerage of Rs.100) yesterday. This cost me around Rs.1600 ((60*25)+100). Now if I have selling it next week for Rs.75 per lot, I will be getting around Rs.1775((75*25)-100). So Myprofit wud be Rs.125 in this transaction. (Excluding the taxes n other stuffs which will be around 15-20 rs for this transaction)

How different would be my charges and profit, if I am doing the same with Zerodha?? also I presume the taxes to be same with everyother brokerage company.Also Let me know your AMC charges…


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