Comment on Futures & Options Filters

Sonu Kumar Patel commented on 18 May 2018, 07:43 PM

hello sir!
I am sonu patel i want to know about NFO(NSE Options) in details that how to buy in NFO segment, One more thing what i observed that when i was buying in NFO there was some key thing like- Strike Price and one Validity- Day/IOC and also Quantity type- NRML and MARKET, SL, SLM in these Firstly i want to know that in Validity- Day/IOC which one is applicable for holding stock because there was not any options for holding so, can i hold my stock for next day in NFO segment if yes then inform me how can i do that. Secondly NRML and MARKET which one is good in this can i change Quantity and price by putting NRML
All these i am asking in Zerodha Pi not in kite plzz do not provide for kite, mainly i want to know that can i hold the stock for next day in NFO(NSE Otions) i was trading in OPTSTK(options stock) kindly provide me all the information of OPTSTK. thank you !

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