Comment on Consequences of Short delivery - NSE/BSE

Amit commented on 18 May 2018, 04:13 PM

On 17th of May 2018, I short sell two shares MANALIPETC and JYOTHLAB. Today, 18th of May 2018, my account balance is (-1,09,499). I sold 1200 shares of MANALIPETC at 41.07(average) and 1484 shares of JYOTHLAB at 461.1(average). In ledge, I can see the blocked margin of 59,688.8 for MANALIPETC and 8,38,845.84 for JYOTHLAB. Today the price of JYOTHLAB is closed at 439.6 and MANALIPETC at 43.6. I am worried about my negative balance because the opening balance was 56,106.66 rupees on 17th may 2018 and now it is 1lac negative. I am not getting anything, your customer support is also not telling me the truth and not even telling me when and how my shares will settle. Please help me in this.

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