Comment on Basics on Options Shorting/Writing

HAWWA.A.H.HANJARA commented on 04 Nov 2014, 09:37 AM

Dear Sir,

The spread order tool is a highly significant tool for strategic traders like us.
We can make margin benefit through it.
Moreover we can calculate our maximum risk of loss before entering.
To put it in simple terms, as in Modi governance less government more governance is enhanced, likewise in Spread orders, less margin requirement more trading oppurtunities is enhanced.

I want to get some clarifications regarding it.
Through your articles i do understand that spread over entries will not get displayed in general order book and we can check our entries in spread order report. Yesterday i made a spread order entry, in spread order report it showed that the transactions got executed in completed orders coloumns. So i thought the order had took over, but when checked in back office report yesterday in open position coloumn those transactions are not there. So how do i know whether the transaction had got executed or not.

In order to get it clarified Yesterday(3rd november 2014) i called zerodha customer care, it kept on ringing, nobody to answer. then i contacted the sales number, the representative said, there was a problem with that line but now got resolved. I kept on trying but still its ringing nobody to answer. Please for customers convinience, pls provide us with alternative number for call and trade section. Hope u will consider.


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