Comment on Lot sizes reduced for various NSE F&O Contracts

Arijit commented on 03 Nov 2014, 11:44 PM

Why zerodha charges more brokerage? In your website you told ““Brokerage at Zerodha is Rs 20 or 0.01% whichever is lower per executed order”.

But I am attaching a screenshot for 3rd November (this is not the first time I can send you more than 10 examples where you charge more brokerage) where you charging brokerage Rs 140,

Now you tell in your previous post


If u buy
nifty of lot 50 assume it will trade 25 once then 25 totally how much brokerage u will pay



31 Oct 2014 at 05:27 AM
Nithin Kamath

Still Rs 20, we charge per executed order and not trade.

Then why in my case its Rs 140/-, it should not be even Rs 40 (Rs 20 + Rs 20). Because my total valuation is Rs 41601.25, so it will be Rs 4.160125.

And I am attaching screenshot and again I say this is not the first time you have charged more brokerage every time. I can show you screenshot if you needed.

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