Comment on Start the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge

Vivek M commented on 04 May 2018, 01:08 PM

I understand the 60 day challenge brokerage refund has been discontinued as of April. However, why is the brokerage not being refunded for challenges that ended in December for example. My 60 day challenge ended in Dec 2017 and it has still not been paid out. Customer service gave me some story about a back end migration and no ETA on when the brokerage will be refunded. I still dont have the refund. It has been 5 months. And in the meantime there has been another 60 that I won and that ended before April 25. No refund for that either.

I can understand stopping of the challenge as of a particular date, but not paying refunds for prior challenges won doesn’t seem right.


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