Comment on Quarterly settlement of funds & securities

Krishna commented on 03 May 2018, 10:24 PM

Hello, I need this clarity about “Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs?”

if i opt for this in q-backoffice and everyday would i earn interest say @3.5% as most banks would offer or the rate would differ on my unused funds in my zerodha account? & Is there any condition like t+1 or t+2 days settlement during as such days for these funds to be released on these settlement holidays back to my acc and any restriction and conditions apply as i couldn’t find any article in detail ?

If i select this option will i be able to do trading in f&o and DELIVERY of stock irrespective of settlement holidays as officially declared ??

is the meaning as intact only OVERNIGHT use of funds or any downside involved with this option?

hope there would be a reply!

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