Comment on Intro to "Q" - next generation backoffice system

RAVI PRAKASH commented on 03 May 2018, 09:11 AM

Hi Nithin,

I am happy about being served by zerodha and happy about things team is trying to change.
Having said that, I would like to know, who is running Q’s services? Is there a professional assigned to look into it’s daily development. I keep seeing some of the nice features broken, as days pass. Following up with Customer care has standard answer of “new version is coming and …” and the tickets are being closed unsatisfactorily.
What’s really going on?
Here are some of my examples and pain I go through.
01. Today I opened to discover, the sort on Holdings page is working. Should I explain my pain?
02. There is (was) an expand feature against each stock (little +). I could expand to know my earliest holding, current holding bought at different time, etc.. This is broken long before and checking with customer care has no clue and they in fact wants me to explain the feature. It’s more that 6 months, since feature is broken. If no plans to restore it, please at least remove the icon (+). Don’t false claim on it.
(I planned to paste the screengrab here and see can’t do. Else, it would have been easy on my above explanation)


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